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Dendi vs AI-bot

Elon Musk’s Startup AI-Bot Beats the World’s Top Dota 2 Players

At the biggest Dota 2 tournament The International 2017, an exceptional event took place yesterday. An AI-bot managed to beat a Dota 2 pro.

AI Turns Photographer in Google Street View

Google Street View becomes the first playground for machine learning to try its hand at photography.
Tesla's Semi Truck

Autonomous Transportation of the Future

Autopilots are today found in aircraft and Tesla cars. If we took one step further down the road, what would the future of autonomous...
Volvo Champion

NVIDIA to Power Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars

Graphics Powerhouse NVIDIA joins forces with Volvo to power the future of self-driving cars.

Boston Dynamics Showcases Latest Robot Dog in Japan

At Softbank World 2017, Boston Dynamic’s CEO Marc Raibert shows off the latest iteration of their robotic dog the SpotMini to the Japanese public.
Password Strength

Forget Your Passwords! You’re Doing it Wrong!

Every time you create a password, you must make it as difficult as possible, right? Well, turns out the guy responsible for that says he's wrong.
AI Stop Button

The AI Stop Button Problem

A Twitter war rages between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and entrepreneur Elon Musk over the future impact of AI on human civilization. Which one is right when it comes to super-intelligent AI?