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OnePlus 5 Soft Gold

OnePlus 5 Gets Amazing Electronic Image Stabilization in 4K

The latest over-the-air roll-out of OxygenOS v4.5.8 brings EIS when filming in 4K to lucky OnePlus 5 owners. And boy, it's amazing!
Apple Campus

Confirmed: iPhone 8 will be announced on September 12

Have you been scouring the news for an iPhone 8 release date? Look no further, The Gadget Site has you covered! Seems the date's been set at last!

Edge Sense Plus Improves the HTC U11 Squeeze

A developer decided to expand upon the squeeze functionality built into the HTC U11, it comes for free with premium features to unlock.

Phone Requires No Batteries to Make Skype Calls

What a time to be alive! An amazing research team from University of Washington, Seattle has come up with a way to power a phone without batteries, instead using radio waves taken from thin air.

“Alexa, Turn Into a Mobile HTC Assistant”

Amazon Alexa enters the mobile space together with one of the mobile industry's most well-recognized brands, HTC.

MP-CL1A Mobile Mini Projector from Sony Review

With the MP-CL1A pocket projector from Sony you can shine your favorite videos and images onto any surface on-the-go!

Get Ready for Android Oreo!

The next big update to Google's Android OS is called Oreo! It comes with some sweet new features and improvements so let us break down this cookie for you!
Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Produced by LG

The Search-engine Giant's New Flagship-phone will feature flamboyant colors and huge bezels. No dual cameras to be seen. Is this even a flagship or just a fail?
Leica P9 Huawei

Leica’s Chairman Dreams of the Perfect Smartphone

In a recent interview, Leica's Chariman Andreas Kaufmann said the pro-camera maker was considering its own brand of smartphones.

UPDATED: Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Announced in Next Week

A new statement gives further credential to the rumors around a late August announcement for Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.