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It’s Time to Fight the First Legendary Battle in Pokémon Go

Tomorrow, Pokémon Go players will have the opportunity to unlock the game's first legendary pokémon. Be careful where you walk.
iPhone 8

This is the iPhone 8 – Apple’s New High-end Phone

With rumors running rampant across the Interwebs and just about a month to go, here's what we know about the coming iPhone 8; Apple's new flagship, slated for release this September.
OnePlus 5

The Ultimate OnePlus 5 Review

Heralded as a flagship killer since iteration one, here's the only review you need to read about the new OnePlus 5.
OnePlus 5 Soft Gold

OnePlus 5 Gets Amazing Electronic Image Stabilization in 4K

The latest over-the-air roll-out of OxygenOS v4.5.8 brings EIS when filming in 4K to lucky OnePlus 5 owners. And boy, it's amazing!

Lenovo Puts Innovative Technology on Display, Including a New Virtual Assistant

Lenovo is pushing its latest concepts on artificial intelligence and augmented reality. And it was about more than your usual headset and phone app.
OnePlus 5 Soft Gold

OnePlus 5 Gets a New Color

Exactly 48 days since launch, OnePlus presents their flagship-killer the OnePlus 5 in a limited-edition Soft Gold.

This Official Image of the Nokia 8 Hints at an Imminent Release

The Nokia 8 has been leaked in renders, and now a recently published image of the phone, from the manufacturer's Chinese website, makes a near release all but certain.
Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Produced by LG

The Search-engine Giant's New Flagship-phone will feature flamboyant colors and huge bezels. No dual cameras to be seen. Is this even a flagship or just a fail?

MP-CL1A Mobile Mini Projector from Sony Review

With the MP-CL1A pocket projector from Sony you can shine your favorite videos and images onto any surface on-the-go!

UPDATED: Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Announced in Next Week

A new statement gives further credential to the rumors around a late August announcement for Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.