Hands-on Jobs Improved by Hands-free Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Aviation Engineers, Mechanical Workers, Doctors and professionals in a wide range of other fields are helped by Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

VR Talkshow in Facebook Spaces Will Feature To The Bone Actress Carrie Preston

The first podcast in Facebook Spaces is coming live this Thursday, it's the result of Facebook and Slate working together. First up as a guest, Carrie Preston.

Cryptocurrency Demand Causes Shortage of VR Capable Hardware

A recent price spike in the cryptocurrency Ethereum has caused miners to empty retail stores of high-performance graphics cards.

macOS to Natively Support e-GPUs from High Sierra

Since time immemorial, Macs have been accused of lacking in graphics performance. Game developers have shunned the Mac in favor of Windows. This time, e-GPUs promise to bring back games and heavy-duty processing to macOS!

Steven Spielberg Speaks Warmly of VR at Comic Con 2017

Initially noticeably cautious of the technology, Spielberg spoke more warmly of virtual reality at this year's Comic Con.

VR Painter Enters Living Room Through Ipad

As more people start using virtual reality the release of Apple's ARKit has triggered a flood of innovative mixed reality showcases. Normal VR is next in line by projecting digital VR avatars into our living rooms.