DJI Spark

DJI Spark

The Drone in Your Pocket: Drones are amazing. They take fantastic shots at fantastic angles. They are like a personal photographer. Climbing high so you don’t have to. Although too clunky to bring along on the bike ride or subway…

Until now.

Meet the DJI Spark. The drone that’s the size of your phone.

1080p recording and with a bunch of auto capture settings. This is the perfect partner for spontaneous drone shootings in your neighborhood!

They’ve crammed in a 12MP CMOS sensor, enough for 1080p@30FPS or stills with a 1/8000s shutter. The mechanical gimbal ensures stable, picture-perfect shooting every time from -85° to 0°. Though the drone needs clearly patterned and well-lit surfaces to navigate using its 3D sensing system, an f/2.6 aperture and ISO speeds up to 3200 for video makes it suitable even for indoor drone photography!

A decent 15 minutes of flight time propelled by a 1480 mAh battery is quite impressive. Considering you can actually charge the drone with your phone charger or mobile battery, this is the most flexible drone yet.

The 3D system we mentioned earlier helps Spark navigate trees, people and obstacles during any of the many automation modes available. This is great since most people would move out of their way if they saw a DJI Phantom 4 approaching, however Spark is the most fragile of the two if colliding with a person or dog or something.

So how high can you get? Get it? Well, at least an altitude of 8 m and approximately 30 m off in the distance before your Spark feels abandoned by you. All auto-modes requires the Spark to be closer to you. It can recognize your face and your gestures so you don’t really need the remote or your smartphone to control it. Tell Spark to circle around you or come land in the palm of your hand. Now you can be the center of attention in all your Facebook movies or Instagram shots!

Prices start out at USD $499 but for $200 more you can get a kit with extra propellers, fast charging of up to 3 batteries and the official remote controller among other goodies.

You can control it with gestures too! The Spark’s price tag is also really attractive. Grab it this summer to up your shooting game, if you know what we’re aiming at.