Edge Sense Plus Improves the HTC U11 Squeeze


It doesn’t matter when, but how you decide to squeeze the HTC U11. This is especially true in combination with Edge Sense Plus.

If you’re the owner of an HTC U11 you may be interested in extending the usage of your squeeze feature. Edge Sense Plus is a recently released application that, in addition to using Single press and Long press, also allows for Double press. Furthermore, the application allows for some intuitive ways to activate features of your device. Some of the features you can control include screen rotation, vibration mode, music control, and Bluetooth. You can also use it to work with NFC, GPS, or Power Saver, but those require root access.

Something special was also prepared for those that want to have something a little extra. By playing around with the settings you can have different results depending on whether you’re currently holding the phone in your hand or if it’s lying flat on a table.

A few caveats exist. First off, the double squeeze is a premium feature, meaning you’ll have to pay to unlock it. Next, you can’t take screenshots, and though it’s been promised through a future update it will also require root access. In addition to this, the application works a bit slower than its default counterpart. Not everything comes for free either, but considering the range of additional features that are unlocked by this application, it’s hardly much to argue about. Plus, with premium, you get access to using the sidebar as well.

By focusing on the squeeze function of the HTC U11 the application truly tailors to those that have found good use of the feature. For those that are still on the verge of deciding whether they like the application or not, consider whether you’re already using it and if the application would add any additional value to your current usage.

Arguably, the strongest point of the squeeze feature may be that it feels so distinctly different from using arbitrarily placed buttons you may find around the edges of your modern smartphone that attempt to stand out from the crowd. Because it feels so different it’s easy to know you’re not mistakenly doing something you shouldn’t. Plus, a phone is almost without exception held in your band during usage, instead of accidentally hitting the wrong button you’re free to squeeze away and not accidentally have your ears explode from a sudden explosion in volume.