UPDATED: Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Announced in Next Week

This is a concept render made by an independent artist,. CREDIT: CONCEPT CREATOR

All rumors and citations point towards August. Let’s hope we don’t have to call the fire department this time.

The rumor factory has produced many tales on the potential announcement date of the Galaxy Note 8. But it seems more clear than ever, following a statement from Dongjin Koh, also known as DJ Koh, that it will be in late August. That seems to confirm most of the rumors concerning the time frame of the announcement. A previous report stated, quoting a Samsung Electronics official, that the “Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled at the Unpacking Event in New York, USA on August 26.”

UPDATE: It turned out the rumors were correct. An official statement from Samsung has now made it clear that the unveiling will take place during its Unpacked event on August 23, 2017.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8 will be heralded as a true flagship phone. The same official who spoke on the release date said that Samsung is aiming to compete directly with the release of iPhone 8, which will be released in September. Last year Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2, which avoided a direct confrontation with Apple’s hardware. It seems they may be doing things differently this year, and a lot more confrontational. It was also said that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, the (as always) slightly upgraded S Pen, dual cameras, and a fingerprint reader on the rear of the phone. It also comes with Bixby installed, Samsung’s AI powered voice assistant. Much like its smaller siblings, the Galaxy Note 8 is a powerhouse, but in terms of experience, it likely won’t differ too much from last year’s model. But let’s hope it doesn’t cause as many disasters.

Galaxy Note 8 follows in the wake of burning criticism towards last year’s model. Unless you kept yourself away from a digital screen for several weeks after the announcement you likely heard about how disaster struck many consumers, as their phones caught fire, sometimes as they were holding it. It wasn’t just limited to one particular situation either, it could happen while the phone was chilling in a car or charging by the bed. Though it only happened to a small fragment of the total phones sold to the market, it was enough to trigger a complete product recall from Samsung, it even went so far as to deactivate phones that weren’t returned. It wasn’t a stellar situation. It wasn’t until January this year that Samsung went public with what caused the phones to ignite. Let’s hope their findings and analysis provided enough data to help ensure no phones explode while they’re charging this year.