How to Upgrade Windows 10 to the Latest Version


Still stuck on an older version of Windows 10? Want to get the latest version of Windows 10 fast? There’s an easy way to do it!

For those of us still on older versions of Windows 10, newer applications and services might not work properly due to not having the latest version of Windows. At the same time, you’re subject to malware which take advantage of all the security vulnerabilities that otherwise have been fixed in the newer updates. Are you still on Windows 10 Version 1511 or Version 1607? Don’t worry, a solution is right here!

The usual way is to use Windows Update included in the Windows operating system to download each update; waiting for them to install, restart your computer and then repeating the process until you have all the updates. Tedious, right? That takes too much of your precious time! Instead Microsoft offers a simple application called Windows 10 Update Assistant.

The Update Assistant automatically detects what version you have, if your computer is compatible with the latest version and subsequently downloads all necessary updates for the upgrade. Follow the first few instructions and then let the program do the job for you. Remember, you’ll need to use a Windows account with admin rights with Update Assistant.

Normally, the whole process takes between 30 minutes to at most 3 hours; depending on your computer’s performance, Internet connection and the sheer amount of updates to install. So spend your time on something worthwhile in the meantime.

When it’s all done, you’ve proofed your computer against malware, hopefully sped it up a bit and all your files are in one place! Though, someone reported that they’ve lost things on the desktop, which isn’t supposed to happen. For those rare occurrences when something goes wrong, we always recommend making a backup of your files before attempting to upgrade, just in case.

Leave a comment below and tell us if this helped you, if you’ve got stuck or have any other questions!

Download: Windows 10 Update Assistant - click on Update now
Tutorial: How to upgrade with Windows 10 Update Assistant