Oculus Rift Price Drop


The Future Just got a bit Cheaper

The biggest hurdle for the main stream to adopt VR as their preferred way of consuming videos and games has been a hefty price tag.

Google tried to alleviate this by bringing us the Google Card Board. The concept: put your smartphone in a home-made card board box, some with amplifying lenses and get a taste of the future at the same time looking like a dork. A cute attempt but real gamers need real gear, right?

The high-end VR headset maker Oculus Rift and their owner Facebook know this and announced a price reduction earlier this year. Having been criticized for the just-out-of-budget price tag, they seem to have made some reconsideration. Still, $598 for a Rift + Touch is out of reach for many, considering you need a pretty high-end PC to power your VR dreams. But if you’re already in possession of a sweet gaming rig, then this price drop might be just what you needed.

Update: For a limited time, Oculus Rift + Touch is just USD $399! So, what are you waiting for? Up your reality now!

The prices have dropped globally. If you already own the Oculus Rift VR-headset and you’re only after the Touch controls, they’re currently at just USD $99.

Of course, if you don’t mind waiting, the highly-anticipated standalone VR-headset, code-named “Pacific” to be announced this year may be worth the wait? Check out our post on the new ground-breaking VR-gear from Oculus here:
A Wireless, Standalone Oculus

It is unclear whether this new Oculus device will be using the Touch controls or not, but most probably so. If the Rift is out of your budget, perhaps stocking up on the controls now can be worth anything?

So, what games are you playing in VR at the moment? Are you caught up in Steam’s summer sale, or maybe developing apps and games of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!