OnePlus 5 Gets Amazing Electronic Image Stabilization in 4K

OnePlus 5 Soft Gold
OnePlus 5 in Soft Gold

The latest over-the-air roll-out of OxygenOS v4.5.8 brings EIS when filming in 4K to lucky OnePlus 5 owners. And boy, it’s amazing!

Most people still agree the dual camera module on the OnePlus 5 is great, however the initial reviews of the OnePlus 5 were somewhat critical of the lack of Electronic Image Stabilization when filming in 4K. Only high-end phones with high-end specs can pull off such a feat and the 8-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 10nm chip is packing enough punch to do it. Now, OnePlus delivers on its promise from a month ago and has enabled EIS at 4K. We’ll just let the results speak for themselves.

So, what does this mean to the casual videographer? Well, usually you’ll need a gimbal-fitted handle to get this butter-smooth video out of a normal smartphone, or any camera really. What OnePlus has done is to under-cut the other flagships out there in terms of price but also 1-up them when it comes to the EIS when filming in 4K. The previous champion, the Google Pixel films smooth 4K, yet it’s somewhat jaggy when panning. The OnePlus 5 easily beats the Pixel, Samsung Galaxy 8 and the iPhone 7 Plus at this game. This is despite the iPhone 7 Plus’ optical image stabilization, mind you! The Pixel 2 is expected to be announced soon along with the iPhone 8 though, time will tell if the competitors can keep up with OnePlus’ 4K wonder-phone?

Oxygen OS v.4.5.8

The just released update also improves on battery life, WiFi connectivity and brings along the all-new Slate font. Some bugs are squished like the reported sound leak for some users when using earphones. Also, the camera shutter sound bug in silent mode some Indian users have been experiencing is fixed. Android July 1st Security patches are also included too, so you do well to update your phone as quickly as you can, if not for the ability to shoot in ultra-smooth 4K!

So, come on guys! Show us your greatest 4K videos! Paste your links in the comments below.

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