OnePlus 5 Gets a New Color

OnePlus 5 Soft Gold

Exactly 48 days since launch, OnePlus presents their flagship-killer the OnePlus 5 in a limited-edition Soft Gold.

Today OnePlus announced their already stunning mobile handset the OnePlus 5 in an equally stunning new color and texture. Soft Gold has returned from last summer, this time with even more eloquence. As OnePlus puts it, quote

“It takes an average of 180 days to create and perfect a coating of Soft Gold. Getting a perfectly even and light color starts with running premium aluminum alloy through a diamond cutter. The surface is then sandblasted and polished with intense precision. Each second matters in this process, or the anodized color takes on a different shade. It’s an extensive process, but the result is worth it – a stunning matte finish is pleasing to see and feel.”

The limited-edition OnePlus 5 Soft Gold with 64GB storage and 6GB RAM sets you back USD $479. For those who have been holding off their purchase, this might be your chance to show off your true colors. Considering OnePlus fans are a loyal bunch, second hand Soft Gold handsets might be worth the investment as time goes by? The Soft Gold edition doesn’t come with 128GB storage as of yet, however the Slate Grey variety now does!

The OnePlus 5 has been the talk of the press lately as its sleek design, dual cameras, Snapdragon™ 835 CPU and fast RAM blazes past the competition. This for a price 30% less than the iPhone 7 Plus. Like the Tesla Motors of the mobile phone world, OnePlus has been disrupting the market since launch. Even if competitors were to release new phones this year like the much awaited iPhone 8, the price gap would be way too wide to motivate to the average consumer.

For those still in doubt whether OnePlus 5 is the handset for you, please check out our extensive OnePlus 5 review!