The Mother of Dongles


Satechi Pro Hub

Is a monster-hub for all your port-needs! If you don’t have enough ports to go around, then this dongle is it!

Ever since Apple’s ditching of traditional ports, dongles have become the new way of life. But instead of carrying one dongle for card readers, one dongle for screen adapters etc. the Satechi Pro Hub lets you carry all your dongles in one.

The hub docks neatly against your shiny new MacBook Pro and uses two ports for optimal speed. What you get is both SD and MicroSD card readers, an HDMI(4K) port and a couple of USB-3.0 ports along with two USB-C’s.

The so-called USB-C PD port can charge your MacBook Pro at up to 87W at the same time it powers a 5K monitor or two daisy chained 4K monitors. In terms of raw data, it gives blazing transfer speeds at 40GB/s (over Thunderbolt) to boot! The other USB-C port is a smothering 5GB/s but still nice.

Price-wise the Satechi Pro Hub is a bargain at USD $99.99. Imagine buying all those dongles separately? With this hub, you don’t have to sacrifice your precious ports nor disgracing your MacBook Pro with floppy cable dongles.

Catch one of two colors to match your new Mac machine!

A word of caution though; Satechi says their hub doesn’t work with Apple’s SuperDrive however, other maker’s disc-drives seem to work fine. This hub works with both 2016 & 2017 and 13″ & 15″ versions of MacBook Pro.

To make this hub truly worthy of the “pro” title, we would like to have a version with Ethernet port as well. To name another downside would be the fact that it’s plastic. Sure, it doesn’t look that way but you shouldn’t be swaying this around on the train or airplane too much as the swiveling back and forth on those two USB-C connectors is sure to put some strain on the unit.