VR Painter Enters Living Room Through Ipad

The avatar used in the mixed reality appiication.

This just goes to show we need our favorite cartoons in our living rooms. Preferably yesterday.

Teletubbies drawing roses in your livingroom may soon come to fruitiion through mixed reality. Recently a video showcasing what appears to be an interactive 3D model of a yellow plush toy appeared on Twitter, it has since spread like a wildfire across social media platforms. The scene is the result of combining Apple’s recently released ARKit, the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, and a custom painting experience with a procedurally animated avatar. Responsible for combining it all to a custom experience is Normal VR, a New York based virtual reality company.

The video starts off by showing the avatar close to the ground, it’s the size of a foot. Then the model is scaled up to be almost as tall as a human, and we also get to a woman to the right who appears to function as a motion capture actor for the mixed reality audience. By extracting the data from when someone is using the virtual reality headset and they’re able to display specific components of their virtual reality environment into mixed reality. The avatar is procedurally animated, meaning it automatically adjusts its joints and body movements according to how the virtual reality user moves.

Thus far the industry has embraced displaying virtual reality users within their environment, showing real people and how they move in virtual environments. But this is something fresh and opens up for a different avenue of presence, imagine watching virtual reality actors moving around in your living room instead of being forced to enter virtual reality yourself.

For now there’s no release date to look forward to, but if you’re hot on the cake then your first step would be to update to the public beta release of iOS 11. The beta has already been released to the public, but remember to be wary when installing unfinished operating systems on your phone.