Apple Watch 3 To Be Unveiled This September

Apple Watch White Ceramic

Biggest news regarding the Apple Watch 3 is LTE connectivity, allowing the smartwatch to be uncoupled to a phone for the first time.

Don’t expect any design changes to the third-generation Apple Watch soon. Ming-Chi Kuo, a much-cited KGI Securities analyst says the smartwatch won’t see any new facets. The Apple Watch 3 will however be announced together with the iPhone 8 this September.

The new Apple Watch will come in the same two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Apparently, there will be LTE and non-LTE versions, just like the iPad-family. Though, if you will be able to call directly from an LTE-Apple Watch remains unclear.

Apple Watch Collection

The Apple Watch was a hard sell at first. When Apple released the first generation in 2015, it was to trying to beat Samsung in the smartwatch arena. Apple ultimately crushed Samsung on the smartwatch market which today consists predominantly of the Apple watch and not much else.

Critics of the Apple Watch always complained over the slow and feature-less watchOS. Later iterations have improved on it, though you’re still tied to an iPhone in order to use the watch. Two devices to pay for, charge and carry around. Not optimal when you’re trying to work out, right? Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a safer bet when you want to track your fitness. However, if the rumors surrounding LTE connectivity is true, the Apple Watch 3 might be the first truly useful smartwatch to date.

In short, the new Apple Watch 3 will likely keep the design from 2015 but with added LTE. Seems like Apple is out of ideas when it comes to new design. For example, the new iPhone 8 is just a combination of the glass-sandwich that was the iPhone 4 but with the shape of an iPhone 6.

So, what do you guys think? Is the smartwatch here to stay or just another expensive, useless accessory? Let us hear your opinion below!