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Boston Dynamics Showcases Latest Robot Dog in Japan

At Softbank World 2017, Boston Dynamic’s CEO Marc Raibert shows off the latest iteration of their robotic dog the SpotMini to the Japanese public.

Lenovo Puts Innovative Technology on Display, Including a New Virtual Assistant

Lenovo is pushing its latest concepts on artificial intelligence and augmented reality. And it was about more than your usual headset and phone app.

Researchers Want Robots To Empower Both Humanity and Themselves

Researchers have developed a new way for artificial intelligence to cooperate with humans, by having the concept of empowerment to include not just themselves, but humans as well.

“Alexa, Turn Into a Mobile HTC Assistant”

Amazon Alexa enters the mobile space together with one of the mobile industry's most well-recognized brands, HTC.

AI Turns Photographer in Google Street View

Google Street View becomes the first playground for machine learning to try its hand at photography.

Artificial Intelligence Uses Audio to Recreate a Talking Obama

A group of researchers from University of Washington have developed an artificial intelligence that can recreate photorealistic footage of somebody talking based on audio alone.

Google DeepMind

Ever heard about the board game Go? With a 3,000-year history, this board game is far more complex than chess. That said, some say there are more moves in chess than the number of quarks in the universe. Yet, a Computer Program named Deep Thought beat an International Grand Master for the first time in November 1988 in Long Beach, California. That was 29 years ago. Go on the other hand has been a harder nut to crack, with a supposed number of moves of 10^800 (a 10 with 800 zeroes after it) for every atom in the known universe. Since that fateful November day in 1988, machines had yet to beat a human at their own game.