Godox A1 Brings Pro Flash Photo to Smartphones

Godox A1

Light is everything when it comes to photography. The Godox A1 is a pocket-flash for use with your phone. Perfect for pictures in dark conditions or when you spot a model on the street to spice up your portfolio!

Small yet powerful. The Godox A1 gives off an 8W flash and provides 1W continuous illumination. It is designed with portability in mind. Touting a battery of 1000mAh means you can take 700(!) full power flashes before hitting empty. Because it’s quick to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, going pro photographer is easy! The A1’s full TTL-metering means you can trigger the flash using DSLR-flashes as well. If you happen to own other Godox flashes you can use the A1 as trigger for them via radio up to 80m.

Godox A1

You can set all settings via buttons on-top of the Godox A1. However, the smartphone app is what makes the unit truly versatile. Pro photographers feeling smartphones are lacking are clearly in focus here. The ability to trigger the flash alone or together with professional flashes is what makes this device stand out from the crowd.

Presently, the flash only works with iPhone 6s or greater. However, Android support will come soon. At USD $70, the unit isn’t too pricey and delivers on its promise to light up any subject. This is the first flash to truly to bring true flash-photography to smartphones. Though, you could actually use it without one. Its small size makes it easy to always carry around. Yet, at the same time you must take in consideration that the illuminated area is small, making the Godox A1 suitable for portraits and product photography, rather than large scale subjects.

Godox A1 Included

We think it’s great to see a company like Godox trying to improve smartphone photography. How about you guys? Let us know in the comments below!