Mazda Introduces World’s First Compression Ignition Gasoline Engine

Mazda 6

Hiroshima-based car company Mazda presented their SKYACTIV-X engine yesterday, saying that while electric engines are necessary, gasoline engines must come first.

Mazda is world-first in commercializing the compression ignition engine using a propriety spark controlled compression ignition method. This combines the best of both gasoline and diesel engine worlds. Gasoline burns much more completely than diesel, giving off less cancerous soot and particles to pollute the lungs of humans and animals; whereas the compression ratio of diesel engines makes them much more fuel-efficient, meaning fewer gallons per mile and less CO2.

With Mazda’s new SKYACTIVE-X engine, the gasoline is compressed inside the piston much like a diesel engine, spontaneously igniting the fuel-air mixture but with an added spark to make sure the ignition is even. In this way, Mazda has pushed 20-30% more performance out of the engine, compared to their current power-house the SKYACTIVE-G, all the while increasing fuel economy.

The SKYACTIVE-X, to be released in 2019, is part of Mazda’s masterplan which by 2030 aims to have decreased the “well-to-wheel” overall emissions by 50% of year 2010’s standards; reaching for a 90% reduction by 2050. Mazda believes the combustion engine is here to stay for a while, even though they have bought a stake in Toyota to develop their own electrified vehicles through a joint venture. If Tesla Motors screams of optimism for the future, Mazda takes the more realistic approach when it comes to CO2 emissions and the impact on our planet.

The Mazda 6

Data on the exact power generated by said engine is yet to be released. However, this is Mazda we’re talking about, world renown for their ingenuity. For example, they are the only company to successfully commercialize the rotary engine. Also, they are one of few car companies that still are independent. Something that is hard to say about any car maker today…

So, what do you guys think? Personally, the Mazda 6 sedan is looking pretty darn cool and will be made way cooler with a SKYACTIVE-X under the hood! Give us your comments below!