Tesla’s Model 3 Will go Down in Automotive History


Yesterday, Elon Musk finally got to show to the world the car to define this century. The new Tesla Model 3 is the electric car for the masses, envisioned by the entrepreneur over 14 years ago.

Model 3

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Publicerat av The Gadget Site den 29 juli 2017

Elon Musk entered the stage with a big smirk on his face and to the cheer of the crowd. 14 years ago, he set out to put Tesla Motors on track to electrify our cars and hopefully save the planet from global warming. A humble start began with the Tesla roadster. Though production was limited, the roadster was a tech demo, aimed at getting investors on-board. A few years later, Tesla followed up with the Model S; an electric super car, capable of competing with the most powerful combustion-engined cars on the planet. Still, the Model S and the Model X that followed it were above the ordinary Joe’s price range. To save the planet, Elon needed to increase production, streamline the business and make all investors believe in his cause.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the entire world are in love with Tesla, the only small scale company able to disrupt the automotive market. Now, all car manufacturers are trying to build Tesla competitors of their own, with Swedish car makerĀ Volvo boldly declaring they’ll produce fully electric cars by 2021 and Volkswagen saying they can beat Tesla at their own game with their Model 3-killer car. While the words thrown around are big, only Tesla thus far is able to present a USD $35,000 full electric four-door sedan, capable of 0-100 km/h (0-60mph) in 5.1s and with a range of roughly 320 km!

The Model 3 is based on a brand new platform and not a continuation of the Model S and X. In marketing campaigns Tesla has been strictly underlining that these are different cars and not a “Tesla 3.0”. The defining feature of the Model 3, or lack thereof, is the dashboard. Completely empty, and as others have put it, a “study in minimalism”. The only thing interrupting the dashboard is the gigantic LCD display. Other information is beamed to the user directly in the windshield’s HUD. Like other fully electric cars, the Model 3 can be fully controlled by using only the gas pedal. Letting go, the car’s motor goes in reverse, both regenerating electricity while effectively breaking the vehicle.

Tesla received over 325,000 orders for a Model 3 a week after the March 2016 unveiling and as of May 2017, an estimated 400,000 Model 3 orders are waiting to be fulfilled with the first 30 customers receiving their cars in yesterday’s event. (They were all Tesla employees, mind you). The production will exponentially grow and sales begin in the U.S. though Tesla says they’ll begin accepting international orders by spring next year. Good things come to those who wait they say, and right now the waiting line from order to delivery of a Model 3 is a whooping 12-18 months…

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